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  • Kenjute offers the most complete martial arts curriculum through its eight elements.


  • Kenjute works for all ages and fitness levels and not just for those in their prime.                                                                              


  • Kenjute combat skills are unique to this martial art - functional, practical, and proven.


  • Kenjute doesn’t waste time with dozens of different self-defences for the same attack.


  • Kenjute students are taught self-defence techniques to properly match threat levels.

  • Kenjute students practice their techniques on fellow students for better preparation. 

  • Kenjute weapons training is real and practical – no baton twirling and flips.


  • Kenjute forms (katas) are unique to this martial art with detailed real combat skills and very useful analysis (bunkai).

  • Kenjute students are exposed to many different kinds of sparring for better personal growth.

  • Kenjute offers new material at every degree of black belt ensuring decades of continued learning.

  • Kenjute students have access to substantially more material at each belt level providing a higher level of education.

  • Kenjute rank promotions are properly earned guaranteeing consistency and high standards. 

  • Kenjute’s unique rotational teaching guide allows students to advance at their own pace with inter-active training.

  • Kenjute offers a great learning environment for serious training and can be practiced anywhere.

  • Kenjute students receive instruction from certified professional adult black belt instructors.

  • Kenjute offers martial arts knowledge and skills well above industry standards that can lead to career opportunities.

  • Kenjute allows students to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally – it really is “exercise with a purpose”.







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